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Anti wrinkle injections FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

What are anti wrinkle injections?

Botulinum toxin A (Azzalure) often referred to as ant-wrinkle or muscle relaxant injections is a prescription only treatment. It works by temporarily blocking the nerve signals to the muscles. The muscle becomes relaxed, in turn reducing the appearance of the lines and wrinkles.

What are muscle relaxant injections?

Muscle relaxants consist of a purified version of a protein and toxin produced by a bacteria found in meat. When injected into targeted muscles, these products work by temporarily blocking nerve signals to the muscle. This controlled weakening reduces muscle movement, causing the wrinkles over the muscles to become smoother.

What is the difference between Muscle relaxant injections and Dermal Filler

Muscle relaxants are used to treat wrinkles and lines caused by repeated muscle movement, such as smile lines and forehead creases. They work by temporarily weakening the underlying muscles. Dermal fillers are used to plump up the skin by adding volume. They may be used to fill in wrinkles caused by sagging skin, to restore volume lost to the ageing process, or to enhance areas of the face such as the lips and cheeks.

How will I know which product is right for me

The b clinic offers a number of different dermal fillers and muscle relaxants. Your b clinic practitioner will help you choose from among these highly effective cosmetic products. Each has been formulated to suit different aesthetic concerns and facial areas. Rest assured there is a number of excellent products available, whatever your specific beauty concern. We can discuss product options with you at your first consultation visit with us.

Which areas can be treated

Muscle relaxants have been used successfully to treat most areas of the face, smoothing wrinkles caused by facial muscles. Common treatment areas include forehead wrinkles, frown lines, crow’s feet and horizontal lines on the forehead

What I the ideal time to start

Many clients begin receiving injections of muscle relaxants as soon as they start seeing signs of wrinkles. Others wait until their wrinkles are more substantial before seeking treatment. There is no reason to delay seeking cosmetic injections. Many clients undergo decades of repeated treatments with no ill effects. While most clients begin seeking treatment in their early 30s or 40s, it can be performed safely on clients who are both younger and older. Some patients in their 20’s have injectable treatments to prevent wrinkles and lines from forming.

Is the Treatment available for men and women

Yes, muscle relaxant treatment works well on both men and women.

Are there any age restrictions

We do not treat anyone under the age of18 years.

Can I have the treatment while pregnant

No, for safety reasons you cannot have this treatment if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Will it hurt

The discomfort during this treatment is minimal. We use a very thin needle and the injection process is over in a matter of minutes.For very anxious clients a topical numbing cream can be applied if desired.

How long will the injecting take

The injection process itself is over in just a few moments. You can expect to spend half an hour or less in the clinic.

Can I still make expressions

One of the worries many clients express is that the injections will make it difficult for them to move their faces. While muscle relaxants do relax the muscle activity causing wrinkles, when used correctly they will not affect your ability to frown, look surprised, and make other facial movements. When overdone, muscle relaxants can have a tendency to cause a frozen appearance. This is why it is important to choose carefully when considering aesthetic treatments. City Aesthetics Clinic only use practitioners who are skilled at using the right amount of product. You will not look as though you’ve had “work done” and will still be able to move your facial muscles.

Will people know I have had the treatment

We aim to create a natural-looking enhancement to your appearance. Often, people who know you well will remark that you look healthier, well rested, or refreshed. City Aesthetics Clinics skilled practitioners are able to avoid the “overdone”, obvious, or unnatural look that can occur when too much product is injected. Instead, our patients find that the treatment leaves them looking subtly rejuvenated.

Do results last from person to person

Yes, individual results can vary. The experienced practitioners at the Body Detox Clinic can provide optimum results for each client through careful evaluation of their individual concerns and aesthetic goals. This enables us to provide a personalised treatment and use the right amount of product to achieve the results you desire.

 Choosing an established clinic with highly qualified experienced practitioners is key to achieving the best results possible.

Are the results permanent

No, the result is temporary. The results last between 3 -4 months depending the facial area treated, and your body’s ability to absorb the injected toxin. It can wear off after as little as 8 weeks in some clients and it can last up to 6 months in others.

Many patients undergo regular touch-up injections in order to maintain their rejuvenated appearance. If you opt not to have further treatment, the treated area will gradually return to its pre-treatment appearance.

How long do the results last

This depends on the area treated, and the individual client. Muscle relaxants usually last 3-4months, but in some cases can last as little as 8 weeks or can last up to 6 months Over time, you will notice the results of the treatment begin to fade, gradually returning your appearance to its pre-treatment state.

Will it last longer if I have more product injected

With muscle relaxants it is better not to overdo it. In fact, over usage can increase side effects and lead to an unnatural looking appearance. Because most clients are unaware of how much product should be used to achieve their desired aesthetic result, it is the practitioner’s responsibility to recommend an amount of product that will create subtle yet noticeable results. You can trust the experienced practitioners at the Body Detox Clinic to achieve optimal results by using the right amount of product to achieve your desired result.

What happens when the results wear off

The results of muscle relaxant injections generally last 3-4months, depending on the area treated. As its effects wear off, the skin will return to its natural, pre-treatment state. If you decide against further injections, your skin will be left in the same condition it was before treatment; it will not be any more wrinkled than it was before treatment.

How often will I need treatment

Many clients return for further treatment when they see the results of the initial treatment wearing off.  For some  clients top ups are sometimes necessary, as everyone is different, but are always free with us as we aim to provide sufficient levels in the first place.

How often can I have the treatment

You need to leave at least 12 weeks between one full treatment to the next. If you are exposed to the toxin too frequently your body can create antibodies to fight against the treatment resulting in anti wrinkle injections resistance where it no longer works.

Is the treatment reversible

Anti-wrinkle injections will naturally wear off over time, approximately 3-4 months.

Will the treatment prevent new wrinkles forming

In addition to smoothing existing wrinkles, muscle relaxant injections have some ability to prevent new wrinkles from forming. They can reduce the repetitive muscle movements that lead to wrinkle formation.

What can I expect afterwards.

Immediately afterwards, minor side effects such as redness, swelling, and bruising are common. The treated area may also feel tender. These effects usually last 2-3 days and do not prevent clients from returning to work and other normal activities immediately after leaving the clinic. Muscle relaxants take 4 10 days for the effects to show, and often continue to improve for up to 30 days following treatment.

Top ups

Our bodies response to muscle relaxants can vary. Some of us may need more than others to achieve the desired effect. Here at the Body Detox Clinic we offer a free top up service. This is offered between 2-4 weeks following your treatment Should you feel you require it.

Unfortunately a top up after 4 weeks would not be appropriate.

Who should carry out the treatment

For a safe treatment and optimum results, a Nurse, Doctor or Dentist only a fully trained in aesthetic treatments should administer cosmetic injections. At the Body Detox Clinic our nurses are highly trained experienced advanced aesthetic practitioners.

Are muscle relaxants right for me

Muscle relaxants may be right for you if you have facial wrinkles such as smile lines or horizontal forehead creases caused by overactive muscles. This treatment does not work on wrinkles caused by loss of skin elasticity or volume.

If you are looking for a non-surgical cosmetic treatment that will smooth out wrinkles and achieve younger looking skin, Anti-wrinkle injections could be for you.

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