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Seborrheic Wart Treatment in Newcastle

A seborrheic wart (keratosis) is a harmless warty spot that develops in later life. Some people only have one or two but some people inherit a tendency to develop a very large number of them. The precise cause of seborrheic warts is not known. They are extremely common and occur in males and females of all races, typically beginning to erupt in the 30s or 40s. They are uncommon under the age of 20 years. Although harmless, they can be unsightly and embarrassing

They can be safely removed using advanced electrolysis.

The tip of the finest, smallest needle possible (about the size of an eyelash) is introduced into. The wart and a tiny energy current is discharged, this then dries up and destroys the wart which then disappears.

The time taken to treat this condition will depend on the size, number and of warts to be treated. Your practitioner will advise during the consultation if the problem can be treated in one session or if a course of treatment is likely to be required.

Clients should expect some redness following treatment and some small scabs can form, which will drop off a few days following treatment.

Price  from £50

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