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Skin Mole Treatment in Newcastle

Congenital moles, are moles that are present at birth. These types of moles can range in size. They can be at risk of developing into melanoma later in life and should be monitored as you enter adolescence and adulthood.

Acquired moles are moles that appear during childhood and adulthood

Moles are typically slightly raised with regular borders and dark pigmentation, although they can range in colour from tan to dark brown.  They can appear anywhere on the skin, alone or in groups.

Moles, are common abnormalities that can be a source of embarrassment or irritation for some people. If you decide that you would like them to be removed, we can carry out a simple procedure designed to remove them once and for all. Almost all common lesions are benign, however if you have a mole you wish to be removed, we ask that have it checked by a by your check it is non-malignant.

Removal of non-malignant moles is classed as a cosmetic treatment and is no longer available on the NHS.

Price  £150

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