Dermal Filler Treatments in Newcastle Upon Tyne

What is Dermal Filler?

As we age our bodies are under constant attack from the weather, the sun, pollution, fatigue, hormone changes and the natural aging process. As a result of aging the skin’s natural moisture retaining hyaluronic acid also declines. This inevitable moisture loss causes the lines, folds and creases around the mouth, nose, jaw, cheeks and lips, giving us an older and more tired image.

Dermal Filler treatments offer patients a wide range of benefits, including a more youthful appearance. This treatment can be used to improve the appearance of moderate lines and wrinkles and is especially effective around the nose, mouth and cheeks.

Dermal fillers (hyaluronic acid) mimics the volume lost from the skin to achieve natural results. The filler is used to smooth out and fill lines. By replacing the volume in these areas, skin will appear smoother and feel softer, giving an overall more youthful look.

Juvéderm® ULTRA is our filler of choice due to the additional benefits of local anaesthesia, but if you have other preferences we are more than happy to accommodate this and are trained in various dermal fillers.

Juvéderm® ULTRA

The Juvéderm® ULTRA range of products replaces the lost hyaluronic acid, moisturising the skin from within and helping to improve elasticity and tone. Juvéderm® ULTRA quickly restores your skins lost volume and smoothes away facial lines. The Juvéderm® ULTRA range has the additional benefit of having a local anaesthetic already in the preparation, which leads to a more comfortable procedure and an overall more pleasant experience.

The fillers are made up of a specially formulated type of hyaluronic acid that sits naturally in your skin. It is a biodegradable, natural gel that is easily injected into your skin. Once injected it instantly fills out troublesome lines, leaving a smooth and natural look to the face. The results are instant, so you will notice the results straight away.

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